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Canciones celebrates the union of popular culture and learned music with Spanish composers who have had a particular impact on their time. With this thread, we trace an itinerary through the centuries that links Domenico Scarlatti with the popular songs of Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla and Maurice Ohana, subtly arranged by Thomas Keck, to the music of today with a new work specially commissioned from Vincent Beer Demander.

We have decided to accompany our soprano Amandine Trenc with a most atypical string quartet, made up of string instruments that are not rubbed but plucked and struck, whose mandolin, guitar, harp and cymbalum, the core of the Ensemble C Barré, underline the ardour and the resolutely Iberian intensity of these works.

practical information

August 7th | 18h


To be announced


Diego ORTIZ [1510-1570] / arrt. Thomas KECK [1984]
3 Recercadas sobre Tenores | 6’
Mandolin, guitar and harp

Federico GARCIA-LORCA [1898-1936] / arrt. Thomas KECK [1984]
Chansons Populaires Espagnoles | 12’
Soprano, mandolin, guitar, cymbalum and harp

Domenico SCARLATTI [1685-1757] / arrt. Vincent BEER-DEMANDER [1982] 
Sonate pour mandoline en ré mineur K89 | 8’
Mandolin, guitar and harp

Maurice OHANA [1913-1992] / arrt. Thomas KECK [1984]
Huit chansons populaires espagnoles | 13’
Soprano, mandolin, guitar, cymbalum and harp

Manuel DE FALLA [1876-1946] / arrt. Thomas KECK [1984]
Siete canciones populares Españolas | 13’
Soprano, mandolin, guitar, cymbalum and harp

Vincent BEER-DEMANDER [1982]
Lyra | 7′
Mandolin, guitar, cymbalum and harp


Amandine Trenc – soprano
Vincent Beer-Demander – mandolin
Gregory Morelo – guitar
Eva Debonne – harp
Cyril Dupuy – cymbalum

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