Année de composition
Plucked string trio

Lyra is a work that draws its inspiration from the poetry and mythology of ancient Greece.

The Lyra is a plucked string instrument that Hermes made from a turtle shell, which he then gave to Orpheus, son of Calliope and Oeagrius. Since then, he played the instrument according to his desires or his melancholy, for the greatest pleasure of the people around him. The poet had no enemies, not even the ferocious beasts: charmed, they always ended up lying at his feet. Of course, no young girl could resist the tender and soothing notes that Orpheus brought forth, but none found favor in his eyes, until the day he met the bewitching Eurydice. Their love was so deep and so pure that they decided to get married very quickly. But this happiness was short-lived… He went down to the Underworld with Eurydice, his wife.

This perpetual movement with 5 beats, which is close to the milonga because of its character and its obstinate bass, develops very naturally by following a harmonic diagram stated in the initial prelude. The evolving and rhapsodic form is however based on a melodic-rhythmic cell stated from bar 25, which structures the work.

The 60 strings of this trio for mandolin, guitar and harp, mix and become one instrument, an imaginary and timeless lyre that travels in time and space to honor the music and the light of the stars that constitutes the constellation of Lyra.

Création mondiale
Le 27 juillet 2021 | Festival Musique en Écrins

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