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Frédéric Pattar
First record of the Ensemble C Barré for 2 lyric artists and 12 musicians
Released in September 2020 by L’Empreinte Digitale
Musical direction : Sébastien Boin

This monograph devoted to the works of Frédéric Pattar is the fruit of a fertile five-year complicity between the composer and the ensemble.

Through mutual trust, Frédéric Pattar has been able to help us discover new facets of the ensemble by weaving unprecedented links between each of our instruments. One of the striking singularities of this record is the involvement of the instrumentalist as a singer, which we see germinate work after work until a form of apotheosis with his very last piece Au cœur d’Une… in which the musicians interpret in its entirety the poem Kaleidoscope by Paul Verlaine while playing their instrument.

Production Ensemble C Barré | Support ADAMI, FCM – Fonds pour la Création Musicale, MFA – Musique Française d’Aujourd’hui, Caisse des Dépôts, SACEM

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