trace - écart

Année de composition
13 minutes
Instrumental and electronic
Quartet and electronics

The central element of this piece is an audible/inaudible pulsation, which moves continuously from surface to depth, always leaving a trace in the listening experience. The multiplication and accentuation of this implicit/explicit pulsation gives shape to complex rhythms and poly-rhythms, which in turn form diverse, superimposed cycles. The pulsation appears and disappears like a subterranean force, like a continuous trickle*, on which musical objects and rhythmic organizations emerge, taking on the current, ephemeral form of an instant in the infinite possibilities of this current.

The four instruments sculpt and delimit this continuous space through their playing, which is largely characterized by the plucking of strings. The electronics act as amplifiers, creating echoing rhythmic networks (streams) or capturing and deploying instrumental resonances, increasing the duration of sustains and decays. Following the path of a wanderer, the form of the piece is made up of contrasting sections, which follow one another in a directionless journey, following a trace that leads nowhere. The word trace reads like the palindrome of the word écart…

Double Bass

Création mondiale
July 30, 2017 at Festival Messiaen, Pays de la Meije

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