Sur les Cendres

Année de composition
9 minutes
Soprano and quartet ; soprano, mandolin, guitar, harp and cimbalom

As an exergue to the score, the composer placed the text of the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, which introduces the very short preface of her collection Requiem (Éditions de minuit), a series of poems describing the sufferings and humiliations of the great Stalinist purge.


No, it is not under a foreign sky,

sheltered by foreign wings that I was,

But in the midst of my people,

Where, for his misfortune, my people were


Anna Akhmatova

Création mondiale
August 31th, 2017 | Festival de Quatuor à Cordes du Luberon | Luberon, France
Freely inspired by Anna Akhmatova’s Requiem

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