Année de composition
12 minutes
Choir of equal voices

« This work is dedicated to Loïc Pierre, a commission from the Maîtrise Mikrokosmos. The three poems have been specially written by Marc Blanchet for this occasion.


The solo voice sings a sweet complaint “O vent du soir, embrasse ma chevelure“underpinned by the vibrating undulations of the chorus. “La corolle des heures” unfolds its petals like a flower in a canon for six voices and reaches its peak in a celestial apotheosis before giving way to the initial voice, now tender, radiant and appeased.
“Soleils”, the first word of the second poem has soon asserted itself as the appropriate title of the whole cycle ; it flashes with all its lights in a unanimous and explosive call. The divers sections of that frenetic mouvement – multitude of chimes, ecstasy of the voices declaiming the words on an obsessional beat, etc – converge towards this ardent call with an almost irrepressible energie.

It is the third piece, however, which reaches the greatest polyphonic density with its infinite sweetness. Nine canon voices glide from the high to the low registers representing, like an open fan of delicate sonorities, the slow sinking of the stars. In the middle section the choir is reduced to only three voices, and one senses the nostalgic light of the first poem arising like a reminiscence. In the final section, the fanlike sounds evolve in the opposite direction, thus complying with the attraction of the moon. »


Patrick Burgan

Création mondiale
April 14th, 1996 | Abbaye de La Prée, Ségry, France
Marc Blanchet’s poems

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