Quartet for flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord

Année de composition
11 minutes
Quartet : flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord

On July 9, 1954, Henry Cowell wrote to Olive Cowell:”… I have just completed a considerable work for four musicians: harpsichord, flute, oboe and cello. »

This piece was commissioned by harpsichordist Sylvia Marlowe, who apparently received it well but never gave it in concert. In 1962, at the request of harpist Fabien Sevitzky for a chamber music work, Henry Cowell adapted his quartet by replacing the harp with the harp.


I – Con moto – Allegro

II – Lento

III – Allegro moderato

IV – Molto vivace

Création mondiale
March 10th, 1981 | Christ and Stephen’s Episcopal Church, New York, United States
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