Preludio a Hendécaméron

Année de composition
4 minutes
Trio with plucked strings : mandolin, guitar and harp

The Prelude to Hendécaméron is a free transcription of excerpts from the work Strahlung, for bass clarinet and ensemble, which was composed in the year 2000. This was the first time I used the mandolin in an instrumental ensemble and the sounds it offered alongside those of the guitar and harp strongly suggested that I use them in this new composition.

The work, of short duration, alternates moments of strong rhythmic intensity with softer, ethereal passages, where the instrumental polyphony takes over the discourse.

Its form transports us into a dreamlike universe with multiple combinations of timbres from these three plucked string instruments, thanks to the use of harmonics, plectrum notes, bisbigliandos and tremolos.

Création mondiale
December 6th, 2012 | GMEM, Marseille, France

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