Neb Ankh

Année de composition
10’45 minutes
Voice and electro-acoustic soundscape

This piece in three movements is a work on melismas, oriental lines and all the possibilities and resources of the voice, of speech, of energy.


Like a modern Nefertiti, during her last journey in an Egyptian sarcophagus, the singer takes with her the objects she loved in her life, and their sound environment: kitchen utensils, cosmetics, sounds of today, music, a perfume of Arabic variety…

Neb Ankh refers to the sarcophagus, its literal translation means “master of life”, and its shape symbolizes a boat.


The sung text is written in an imaginary language, it is inspired by the Book of Light, the Book of Shu, one of the texts of the Sarcophagus of the ancient Egyptians.

Création mondiale
September 22th, 2007 | Saison musicale de Royaumont | Asnières sur Oise, France
Onoma éditions musicales

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