Mystery Riddles

Année de composition
8 minutes
Voice and instruments
Quintet and mixed choir

Under a light aspect, riddles require a different understanding of the world, a different logic than the one we usually use, what the English call thinking “out of the box”, thinking on the side. Children love them and, free of constraining habits of thought, they excel at them.

As we grow older, we read less poetry and philosophy, we discover less music and art, we settle down: any process of change becomes cumbersome because we displace more and more experience. But thinking keeps us young; the great questions (those of the Greeks are the proof) never die.

These texts have the power to articulate in a poetic and brief way questions about existence, time and identity. I have written a music that follows very simply from them and that does not seek to answer them, but to dig into the questions behind the questions, to extend and multiply their mysteries. Let us think next to the thought, look next to the image, listen next to the sound.


Mikel Urquiza

Création mondiale
June 18th, 2022 | Festival d’Aix | Abbaye de Silvacane

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