Mind Breaths

Année de composition
18 minutes
Instrumental ensemble [12 musicians] Double bass clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, accordion, Fender Rhodes, cimbalom, mandolin, acoustic guitar/electric guitar, harp, cello and double bass

Mind Breaths is about breath, which might seem paradoxical in a concert about mechanical music. However, I wanted to make the musical discourse unfold like a machine that would almost seem to be alive. Throughout the composition, I wondered about the sometimes narrow gaps that can separate machines from “animated” living beings, and it is indeed the breath that could most strongly produce the illusion of life. Thus Mind breaths begins in the extreme low register, with a slow swing between two notes, G and A, a wave movement deployed throughout the work, to end with a high note held for a long time by the double bass, heady like an electrocardiogram receiving no signal.

The breath of the spirit is precisely what a machine lacks. Let us note that etymology teaches us that an animal is defined as a being which possesses an “anima”, i.e. a breath, and by extension a soul.

Création mondiale
July 31th, 2014 | Festival de Chaillol | Église du Hameau, Chaillol, France
Based on a poem by Lisa Samuels

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