La Vallée de l’Impatience

Année de composition
60 minutes
Reciter, 3 soloists, school choirs and school orchestra and electronics

The Cayolle district, located in the extreme south of Marseille between the creeks of Sormiou and the Baumettes prison, has a rich social history and a complex present.
We wanted to make it sound by inventing a “neighbourhood orchestra”. This orchestra brings together several dozen musicians, who, according to their age and musical experience, form different “desks”: the Tinkers and Plastic Bottles desk is run by the CM2s of the Calanques Sormiou school, from which also come the des Petits Violons desk and the Feuilles de Papier desk, performed by the nursery school children. The students of the King of Spain take care of the electro-acoustic part. The training is completed by an adult choir from the local singing workshop, free of charge and open to all.


After a first year devoted to the formation of the orchestra and a few musical essays, this second year will see the culmination of a work: a musical tale that combines mythological inspiration with the contemporary imagination.


The reciter Cyril Bourgois and the ensemble C Barré join the orchestra on this occasion.


Once upon a time there was a time
Once upon a time
Once upon a time, there will be
A valley…

Création mondiale
May 10th, 2019 | Festival Les Musiques | La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille, France

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