Année de composition
21 minutes
Instrumental ensemble [12 musicians] and virtual environment: clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, accordion, piano, cymbalum, mandolin, guitar, harp, cello and double bass

Făbrĭca (a Latin word meaning ‘workshop’ but also, by extension, ‘action of working, making’) is a work based on the interaction between the ensemble and a virtual musical space. interaction between the ensemble and a virtual musical space. In this virtual musical space, conceived with Benjamin Lévy during the period of confinement and accessible to everyone on a web page, the musical and temporal relations between the sounds are materialized in a three-dimensional space. space (the visual interface is signed by artist-designer Giovanni Muzio) and define a real musical “topology”. musical “topology”. The “path” traced out represents only one of the possibilities for exploring the music: by taking place in time, the time, the path itself becomes the piece that is being listened to. To this path of exploration of electronic sounds corresponds to the exploration of the Ensemble’s musical material, which finds its place in a non-linear musical discourse.
Imagined as a “musical hyper-text” Făbrĭca is inspired by the discontinuity of the contemporary world experience as well as by cyberspace, where all information and communication processes become global and instantaneous. Writing (composition) cannot change reality but it can change the perception of reality itself: in this perspective it remains one of the most important means of communication. from this perspective it remains one of the most revolutionary means, just like sound: immaterial, ungraspable ineluctable and therefore subversive.

Giulia Lorusso


Around the piece


The composer and the director of computer music invite the public to explore online on a dedicated website the virtual musical space they have designed with that they conceived with the designer Giovanni Muzio for the creation of the work Fabrica.
Through this interactive experience, the user has the possibility of tracing his or her own path in the three-dimensional universe of the work and thus composing of the work and thus compose the relationships between the sound elements and the visual architectures that determine the evolution of the musical discourse.

Création mondiale
March 18th, 2021 | Saison de l’Ircam/Centre Pompidou-Les Spectacles vivants | Grande Salle du Centre Pompidou, Paris

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