Chronoclasm II

Année de composition
Instrumental ensemble [6 musicians]
Clarinette, saxophone, accordion, harp, guitar, mandolin

Chronoclasm – in science fiction is one of the possible consequences of travels in time. As a result of meeting people from different eras, ideas and information are transferred from the future to the past. This causes some events and actions in the past, but all their consequences are already reflected in the future. Thus, the reality does not change, all the rings of chronoclasms ever created are already included in the course of history. On the contrary, the abolition of one of the chronoclasms will lead to a change in the future.

In this piece the idea of “broken time” is reflected in “broken” musical continuum and “broken sound”, since some of musical instruments are detuned.

The piece Chronoclasm II was written especially for the ensemble “C Barre” and was premiered at the festival on May 31, 2021.

Création mondiale
May 31th, 2021 | Festival | St-Petersburg

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