Année de composition
15 minutes
Soprano and instrumental ensemble, duduk/ soprano saxophone, accordion, percussions, bouzouki, third tones zithar and cimbalom

Mythical mountain concerning the Flood… geographically ambiguous mountain also, located in Turkish territory it attracts the glance of Armenia which is wrapped around it. The story of the Flood represents a certain failure of creation, two moments of Christianity after the eviction of Adam from earthly paradise, the Flood, a radical solution of destruction, Christmas, hope regained. I had the pleasure of responding to the proposal of the Nativity within the framework of the Madrigal of Provence also led by Sébastien Boin through the proposal “Erd’Weihnachten”, “Noël de Terre” (Christmas on Earth) which traces the slow ascent from the eviction from Paradise to the coming of Christ, the basis of Christianity. At present, Ararat proceeds in a similar way, based on the stormy beginnings of humanity until the divine decision to drown all this “Siot o Lot! »…

Noah, saturated with the aquatic space of this sad environment, planted the vine as soon as it returned to normal, and of course, regained the spirit of the festival at harvest time. This proposal is not lacking in topicality in view of the political, social and ecological dispositions of the planet due to human predation linked to the uncontrollable addiction to money by the supremacy of logic imposed by the world of finance, not inclined to any humanitarian disposition, on the planet. There was also Sodom and Gomorrah as a divine destructive effect on a humanity exclusively linked to “having” it. So the myth does not age war … to choose, here, between water and wine … it is up to humans to take the right options in the long term and it is not won …

Création mondiale
October 11th, 2017 | Festival International de Musique Contemporaine de Pharos Arts Foundation | Nicosia, Cyprus

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