Adzimbès, Mécanique Mosaïque

Année de composition
21 minutes
Instrumental ensemble [12 musicians] and circuit bending : clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, accordion, upright piano, cimbalom, mandolin, guitar, harp, cello, bass and bender

No harmonic, melodic or formal discourse exists in this score. Its unique source lies in the physical forces exerted by the musicians on the instruments by means of banal objects such as pencils, coins, small calabashes, bare hands, etc. Gestures as many shocks “awakening” on the instruments disconcerting and variegated possibilities.


“Mechanics” is not an image, a theme or a metaphor deployed in music. It is a simple essence: actions of bodies on others and their sound effects. Usually the musical writing composes and indicates the gestures to be realized by the interpreters. It is the opposite here: structure or writing stem from gestures, from the multiple modes of play that we have explored with the musicians.

I am not looking for experimentation for its own sake, nor for “noise”. My only desire is musical expression and intensity: to sharpen new attentions, to explore disparate forms of listening and playing. I hope that this is a prototype piece!


As for the Micro-music played live, it is created by diverting, with the help of clever tinkering, games-robots such as Dictée magique or Gameboy; it connects to this desire of exploration which has its share of clumsiness and childish spirit.


Jean-Christophe Marti

Création mondiale
July 31th, 2014 | Festival de Chaillol | France

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