Jean-Christophe MARTI

French composer, born in 1964

Works in the repertoire

Adzimbès, Mécanique Mosaïque (2014) | instrumental ensemble (12 musicians) and circuit bending | 21′ | WP

Pulsétude (2000) | clarinet and cello | 8′

Tinguely Cinéphonie sketch n°1 : Métamoulin (2007) | instrumental ensemble (12 musicians) | 12′ | WP

Tinguely Cinéphonie sketch n°2 : Nikleinki (2010) | instrumental ensemble (6 musicians) | 15′ | WP

Tinguely Cinéphonie sketch n°3 : Minimorgana/Maxifata (2011) | soprano, couter tenor, bass and instrumental ensemble (5 musicians) | 17′ | WP

Jean-Christophe Marti, french composer and musical director, studied in Boulogne and CNSM of Paris for chamber music, musical writing and æsthetics. He has composed many vocal and choral works, commissionned by Musicatreize, Les Arts Florissants, Les Cris de Paris, Consonance, and instrumental scores for young ensembles such as C Barré (Tinguely Cinéphonies, A-dzimbès).

He also works in connection with a number of poets and writers, among whom Céline Minard, Chritian Prigent and Alex Dickow, theater companies, and filmakers. Among his recent creations, an experimental serie intended for a special way of playing piano (named « piano nonpareil »), and pieces for choirs opened to anyone (« chœurs d’aventure »), with which he created drag requiem in Paris, in 2017.

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