2 Photo Météoriques

Six Songs

© Catherine Peillon

Six Songs for children’s choir and plectrum orchestra are a complete re-orchestration of excerpts from the oratorio Météoriques, commissioned by Ensemble C Barré on a libretto by Catherine Peillon. This work was awarded the Prix de l’Enseignement 2018 by the Chambre syndicale des éditeurs de musique de France, in the category “creation of a new work with a musical focus for young performers”. This 21′ long corpus is punctuated by electroacoustic interludes realized and broadcasted by Nicolo Terrassi.


The story takes place a long time ago. Following an old dispute between the gods, the country is prey to drought and famine threatens the mortals. One invokes, one prays, one procession, one questions the dreams, the diviners and the pythias… Nothing makes it. Until they decide to resort to an immense collective rite of imitation of the storm and thunder to defy the divinities. In three acts, Météoriques is a joyful and cruel fable. It is set in the time of myth, but the resonances with our current ecological situation rebound and splash our certainties.

practical information

June 21th, 2019

With the participation of the students of the  Collège Longchamp, directed by Frédéric Isoletta, and the musicians of the Orchestre à Plectre du Conservatoire de Marseille, directed by Vincent Beer-Demander

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