Mikel Urquiza, compositeur nomade

© Rui Camilo

Espiègle is the second monographic disc that the Marseille-based ensemble C Barré has released on the empreinte digitale label, this time in collaboration with the Neue Vocalsolisten of Stuttgart, a world reference in contemporary vocal music. This release brings together all of the commissions that C Barré has given to the Basque-Spanish composer since their meeting in 2017. His inspirations are as varied as his spam (Songs of Spam), the Spanish Renaissance (Cancionero sin palacio) or the automatic responses of administrations (My voice is my password).
“The young composer Mikel Urquiza, born in 1988 in Bilbao, has had his pieces performed all over the world. With C Barré, directed by Sébastien Boin, the collaboration brings his creations to life with a delightful verve. Espiègle, the latest record by this fine ensemble, uses an instrumentarium with rare and relevant alliances, taking its inspiration from the contemporary world, its communication channels, its impasses, its questions, its doubts and its relationship to time. Maryvonne Colombani, “En clé d’humour”, Zébuline (11.02.2023)

In partnership with BMVR L’Alcazar. 

practical information

May 16th, 2023 | 17h30


Free admission


Mikel Urquiza
Elurretan (2017) | 10 minutes
for mandolin, guitar and harp


Michaël Dian, moderator
Mikel Urquiza, composer
Natalia Korsak, mandolin
Rémy Reber, guitar
Eva Debonne, harp

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