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This cycle of lieder, composed after Robert Walser’s Beiseit (Apart), is permeated by indeterminacy, wandering and the dreamy detachment of the wanderer from earthly things, a form of aimless movement, a path without direction conducive to all existential considerations in these metaphorically snowy landscapes. A moment of vertigo where the sublime and the banal coexist. A veritable summit in terms of expression, mastery of discourse and writing, Beiseit is certainly one of the most intense, rich and demanding works in the 20th century counter-tenor repertoire.

With the participation of Rodrigo Ferreira [counter-tenor], Mathieu Steffanus [clarinet in B and bass clarinet], Élodie Soulard [accordion], Rémi Magnan [double bass] and Sébastien Boin, musical director.

practical information

July 11th, 2017

Piece presented


Heinz Holliger [1939] | Beiseit | countertenor and 3 musicians | 1991 | 45′

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