Musical walk

© Alfonce

These walks are based on the same principle as Palimpseste, where the results of investigations carried out by an artist walker inspire the musical programming of the route.

The artist walker from the Bureau des Guides GR2013 took part in the Merlan Village school to pass on concepts linked to cartography, learning how to find your way around a map, following a route by approaching a map in the manner of a music score, establishing a coherent route to move from discovery to discovery along paths that are perhaps the least expected. At the same time, artists from C Barré were on hand to prepare the schoolchildren for the creation of three musical works to be performed in key locations along the route, and which have a direct link with them.

These works, conceived for children’s choir and instrumental ensemble, were composed by incorporating objects found in the field during preliminary surveys, which were transformed into musical instruments.

Program :

Échos Phocéen

Distribution :

Annelise Clément, clarinet
Mathias Champon, trumpet
Jonathan Robert, saxophone

Isabelle Loren