Les Pupitres du Grand Saint Barthélémy


Since 2021, the Ensemble C Barré has been joining forces with the Busserine primary schools to create a school orchestra that it is supporting for a three-year cycle, in strong association with local structures such as LE ZEF – scène nationale de Marseille, the Espace Culturel Busserine and the Pythéas middle school.

The aim of the project is to develop instrumental and vocal practice over the long term, combining workshops in collective practice, improvisation and invention with participation in concerts as part of the Ensemble C Barré’s annual programme.

In the first year, four pieces composed by Thomas Keck were passed on to the Busserine choir and orchestra and performed for the public, each featuring an instrument from this atypical ensemble in the colours of C Barré.

For their second year of practice, they created short pieces written by the composer Alexandros Markeas, inspired by popular Greek songs, which they were able to perform at a concert at ZEF in 2023.

For this third year of practice, composers Thomas Keck and Alexandros Markeas have once again created pieces for Les Pupitres du Grand Saint-Barthélémy.

After their three-year apprenticeship and numerous concert performances, Les Pupitres du Grand Saint Barthélémy will record pieces by Thomas Keck and Alexandros Markeas at the GMEM – Centre national de création musicale.

Program :


22nd and 23rd of May 2024
GMEM — Centre national de création musicale

Staff :

Creation :

Distribution :

Ensemble C Barré
Artistic Director, Ensemble C Barré – Sébastien Boin
Musical Direction, Jean-Marc Seignobos
Choir preparation, Jean-Marc Seignobos, Isabelle Lorenzino
Mandolin, preparation of the mandolins, Nina Grimaud, Raphaël Gillet, Tony Coullet
Cello, cello preparation, Marine Rodallec, Lucie Grugier
Percussion, percussion preparation, Mathieu Schaeffer
Teacher musicians Jean-Philippe Battini, Lucie Bourgeat, Virginie Brahic, Ollivier Dracius, Tristan Gilles, Fatima Louarma, Khira Boukabous, Isabelle Martin, Elsa Vanoni

Orchestra CM1 class from Busserine primary school
Choirs Classes of CM1-CM2, CM2 from Busserine primary schools; Classes of 6e and choir workshop from Pythéas secondary school

Flamants primary schools choir
Produced by Ensemble C Barré in collaboration with ZEF – Scène nationale de Marseilles

In partnership with the association orchestre à l’École, ZEF – scène nationale de Marseille, École élémentaire de la Busserine, Espace culturel Busserine, École des Flamants, Collège Pythéas, GMEM – Centre national de création musicale, Conservatoire Pierre Barbizet de Marseille and lieux publics.
Supported by DRAC PACA, les cités éducatives, Fondation Logirem, the City of Marseille, Fondation d’entreprise Société Générale, Fondation BNP Paribas and Fondation Orange.

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