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This is a programme with a decidedly Iberian flavour. This plucked string trio, whose grain and character are so singularly attuned to the face of the Mediterranean, resounds here in a variety of instrumental combinations (duos and trios) through a repertoire that stretches from the Baroque period to the present day.

The concert opens with a series of variations on the unavoidable theme of the Folía, whose origins date back to around the fifteenth century, followed by Carlo Munier’s impetuous Capriccio Spagnolo for mandolin and guitar, also inspired by this same popular melody that has survived the ages. We then find an arrangement of La Follia by Régis Campo and other pieces for plucked string trio: Danza de la Molinera by Manuel de Falla, Fandango by Santiago de Murcia, Elurretan composed for Ensemble C Barré in 2017 by Mikel Urquiza, Variations et Finale sur La Follia by Vincent Beer-Demander and Fandango by Luigi Boccherini.

Program :

Works of Gabriele, Leone, Carlo Munier, Régis Campo, Manuel de Falla, Santiago de Murcia, Mikel Urquiza, Vincent Beer-Demander and Luigi Boccherini.

Staff :

For mandolin, guitar and harp.

Distribution :

Vincent Beer-Demander, mandolin
Thomas Keck, guitar
Eva Debonne, harp


The 11th of August at 8.30. p.m.
Cathédrale Notre Dame de la Sède, Saint-Lizier

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