Iván Solano

Spanish composer and clarinetist, born in 1973

Works in the repertoire

At The Doors of Perception (2013) | instrumental ensemble (10 musicians) and electronics | 12′ | WP

Trois Autres Perspectives d’Une Absence… (2013) | mandolin, guitar, harp | 12′ | WP

Une Seconde Infinie (2010) | piano and electronics | 5′

Internationally awarded as performer and composer.
2010 SACEM Prize to the best Pedagogic Score, for his work on transmission to children and young musicians.

Ivan’s music navigates between the styles and the supports: electroacoustics, music for theater, for dance, written music for symphonic orchestra, choir or solo instruments,
he explores also improvisation and the limits between oral and written composition.

His catalogue of 50+ works continuously grows thru the encounters and collaborations with ensembles, performers and scenes around the world:
New York, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Rome, Paris, Montreal, Madrid, Budapest, London, Berlin, Tokyo.

Passionated about sound, music, science, literature, photography and others cultures, he speaks fluently more than half a dozen languages.

Graduate in Clarinet Performing, Teaching and Composition in Madrid, Budapest, Paris, Strasbourg and Rome, He also owns Masters Degrees in Music Analysis and Musicology.

He currently follows his PhD on Musical Gesture at Université de Strasbourg.

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