L'Espace Culturel Busserine

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Orchestre à l’école

The Association de Promotion de l’Espace Culturel Busserine (APECB), created in 1987, is a component of the landscape of the northern districts, of the world of theater and culture in Marseille in a very particular and emblematic place: the Espace Culturel Busserine.
Through its actions such as “la Guinguette” and “le Printemps de la danse”, its artistic projects, its workshops of artistic practice and transmission, its hosting of young artists, the APECB plays a fundamental social and cultural role, at the intersection between artistic creation and popular education…

APECB’s field of intervention extends primarily to the 13th and 14th districts of Marseille.
To be there, in the heart of the northern districts of the city, to broadcast shows, to offer groups a place to rehearse, advice, artistic training, the possibility of going further, to create a space for expression, creation and tolerance, to encourage encounters and intercultural exchanges, to cultivate a heritage while inventing a culture specific to these districts… these are the missions carried out by APECB.

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