CFMI d'Aix-en-Provence

Centre de Formation pour Musiciens Intervenants



Created in 1983, the CFMI, an institute of the University of Aix-Marseille, is placed under the triple supervision of the Ministries of Higher Education, National Education and Culture. It provides a professional higher education validated by a diploma, the DUMI (Diplôme Universitaire des Musiciens Intervenants), which dynamically combines the acquisition of knowledge, the mastery of techniques, the development of the musical and artistic potential of each student and practical experience of the profession.
Since 2010, the CFMI has initiated or been associated with a series of commissions for contemporary musical works for children’s choirs, in partnership with cultural structures, implemented in primary school classes according to precise specifications. The work must include a children’s choir, and integrate elements of contemporary language into the vocality. Particular care is given to the choice of the libretto, encouraging cross-curricularity in the classroom and serving the vocal arts. Through his or her artistic demands, the composer contributes to the musical training of the students while guaranteeing the professional dimension of the project.
The CFMI ensures musical and pedagogical coherence. It ensures that the meeting between the composer, the CFMI students, the primary school students and their teachers is dynamic, and provides artistic and pedagogical support for the implementation of the creations.
At the end of the residency, the creation is performed in public.
The CFMI students’ action is part of the DUM 100 teaching unit “Conducting a project centered on choral singing”. It takes the form of a training course consisting of weekly sessions in schools, conducting classes and work sessions with Sébastien Boin (Ensemble C Barré) and meetings with professionals in the region.

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