Avila Quartet

Venezuelan quartet based in Paris


Avila Quartet is a Venezuelan music project based in Paris. The band takes the traditional roots to another level, adding a more contemporary sound in uenced by jazz, classical music, manouche and bossa nova. Thanks to their classical sound and technique, the violin and oboe players give the traditional venezuelan melodies and rhythms that they know by heart a knew approach. The cuatro and double bass players mix their traditional sound with their knowledge of jazz harmony and improvisation.
Avila Quartet’s music is a journey through the different regions of Venezuela, during which the public can discover a fresh approach to the multiculturalism of their country. The band also plays original music and arranges other kinds of genres such as French valse musette in a venezuelan way. This musical mix gives the band a fresh and original sound. Partner of the Centre de Ressources and Création Lizières. 

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