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C Barré joins forces with the Venezuelan traditional music quartet Avila Quartet and the Pedro León Torres de Carora Symphony Orchestra to premiere a new work by François Rossé Allongé sur le Divin (State commission 2016).

The name “Contrapunteo” refers to a musical genre very popular in Venezuela where two singers compete in a verbal joust by improvising verses in octosyllables. The word ‘contrapunteo’ should not be confused with ‘contrapunto’ – counterpoint -, as the latter refers to a style of musical composition.


With the participation of the Ensemble C Barré, the Avila Quartet, the Pedro Léon Torres de Carora Symphony Orchestra (El Sistema), François Rossé (pianist and improviser), Jean-Manuel Candenot (bass-baritone), Felipe Izcaray and Sébastien Boin (conductors).
With the support of the Export Office, the French Institute and the City of Marseille. In partnership with the Casa de la Cultura de Carora, Sinayu and the Teatro Alirio Diaz. In association with the French Embassy and the Alliance Française.


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March 1st, 2019
March 2nd, 2019

Rossé François | Allongé sur le Divin  | mondial creation

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