Claudio Bettinelli


In 2002, he obtained his certificate of higher education from the CNSMD of Lyon (very good unanimous mention, class of J. Geoffroy).

His creative approach prompted the jury to award him a special mention “originality of the program” on this occasion, and he received a special prize “originality of the instruments” at the Geneva International Percussion Competition.

Musically very open, he enjoys living diverse experiences in this field, ranging from classical music to contemporary music, or musical theatre, improvisation, and computer-assisted music.

He has collaborated with the Tempo reale centre founded by Luciano Berio, the Orchestre National de Lyon, the Opéra National de Lyon, Musicatreize, the Odyssée ensemble, and participated for three years in the Verbier UBS Festival (Switzerland). He is solo percussionist with the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain conducted by Daniel Kawka, with whom he has created several works by contemporary composers.

He was co-founder of the Trio de Bubar, a percussion trio invited to the Biennale Musiques En Scène (Lyon), Cité de la musique, the Festivals “Fruits de Mhère”, “Ecouter Voir”, “Musiques libres”, “Musiques démesurées”, “Collinarea” (Italy), Tblissi (Georgia), “IPEW” (Croatia), and which created works by Gérard Pesson, Vincent Raphaël Carinola and Stéphane Borrel.

He is a member of the Mezwej ensemble conducted by Zad Moultaka, with whom he has created several solo works and shows, including “Déplacé” with guitarist Pablo Marquez and dancer Ziya Azazi and “Tous les hommes dansent” with tenor Marc Manodritta and saxophonist Joël Versavaud.

Attracted by the relationship between dance and music, he designed the musical part of “Fragile on the edge” and “Cath 22” on the chorographies of Jasna Vinovrski and “Energy” and “Bolero” on the chorographies of Ziya Azazi.

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