Année de composition
20 minutes
Instrumental ensemble [7 musicians] : Flute (also piccolo, zither (chromatic and in 1/3 tones), piano and 4 percussionists

“I adopted this title, but afterwards: the music was done. I didn’t really know what to call it, and then it occurred to me that perhaps one could imagine trees in this work… or imagine portraits of trees, beaten by the wind, in the rain, petrified, or in the night… If we can speak of ritual, it is because of this imaginary presence of the tree, of all that it teaches of slowness, of patience, of silence too…”


Maurice Ohana




I] The tree in the night

II] The tree animated by birds

III] The tree drowned by rain

IV] The tree prisoner of the virgin’s sons

V] The tree beaten by the wind

VI] The tree burned by the sun

Création mondiale
May 3rd, 1965 | Mai musical | Bordeaux, France
Éditions Amphion

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