Point de Fuite

Année de composition
10 minutes
Vocal ensemble : 10 women’s a cappella voices

My meeting with Sarah was during the biennial of young artists in Marseille. I was seduced from the first time I heard her poetry. At that time, in 2002, I wanted to write for the voice and more particularly for women’s choir. I naturally approached Sarah who presented me with several of her texts. I was very attracted by the writing of Point de fuite. I liked this very original poetry. I loved its musicality, its wordplay, its rhythm and also the images and contrasts that emerged. I was very amused by the puns like “shock and jerk”.

While writing the music, I tried to translate the text, these colors, these images, these games of rhythms and repetitions, these landscapes which pass before our eyes. Point de fuite is a music that tries to translate the universe of Sarah’s poetry, a poetry that is so precious and profound.


Lionel Ginoux

Création mondiale
January 27th, 2007 | GRIM, Marseille, France
Based on a poem by Sarah Kéryna

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