Neue Volkslieder und Hirtengesänge

Année de composition
14 minutes
Quintet : bassoon, guitar, violin, viola and cello

“The idea for this music is closely related to the period in the 1980s when I was stimulating cultural activities in remote villages in Styria. During this period I collected a number of sketches from Styrian folklore (which I also liked very much), and then composed songs for an amateur theater performance that was given by an artistically ambitious local youth.

From this, and other similar material, I put together these small forms of chamber music in the form of a folk-song while preserving something of the melancholic character and atmosphere of this region, in the manner of a dream or a painful memory. ”


1- Pastorale
2- Morgenlied
3- Ballade
4- Tanz
5- Rezitativ
6- Abendlied
7- Ausklang

Création mondiale
LeDecember 15th, 1997 | Kammermusiksaal of the Philharmony | Berlin, Germany

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