Allongé sur le Divin

Année de composition
35 minutes
Voice and instruments
Reciter, tenor, baritone, 2 ensembles and symphonic orchestra


• Prelude to a Chaos


• Scene 1 – The Yellow Submarine
In his submarine, in the bed of the abyss,
And long before God woke up
Everything was abundant without prior order
Each being negotiated his freedom to be
We could have thought we were in Uzeste.
Under the ringing verbs of the Estaminet
Where the living algae of utopias embraced each other.

• Scene 2 – The Divine Yellow Submarine
Suddenly, in a voluptuous yawn
God emerged over the night mist
And got his hands on the agogic controller
The ascent of the bathyscaphe is on
The aquatic horizons were slowly pierced
He saw the sky over the water
The heavenly day on the darkness of the depths
He saw that it was good
It was the first day.

• Scene 3 – Visible Tangible

God applauded these new spaces
But the holds were empty, and this discovery
Reminded him of a beautiful appetite, and came to him,
The hope of tasting more consistent agape
Just the endless wrecks of the auction.
The horizon suddenly crystallized, and on his mast,
The angel-moussaillon came to define an opaque shape
Shouting with joy, he shouted out in a cry “earth!…earth!…earth! »
God perceived that it was good
This was the second day.

• Interlude – Berthing

• Scene 4 – Minéral Minimal
Evacuated by the waves, the ship docked
A mountain of pink sand under the desert star
The mineral was obvious, rough at the feet.
Everything was in order, clear, logical, rational
Cubic and well administered, this inert and frozen rock
Nevertheless happy to be a little dry,
In the warm light of the sun
God sensed that it was good
it was the third day.


• Scene 1 – Uncontrolled Proliferation
What to do with the open ozone holes on site ?
So God sowed the lawn and frogs there
Climbing out of the puddles of the last rain.
He fertilized all this with an energetic fertilizer
Finally under the parasol he lay down for a nap
When he wakes up, he leaps out of a voluptuous jungle
Rose, fig, almond, olive and almond trees
Sparrowhawk, cherry tree, elephant, guava tree
The pianist, the bull, the bouillabaisse, the Garlaban,
The boa, the spider, the mosquito, the ladybug
Finally, without forgetting…
The apple tree in the middle of the garden
for its cider and calva
And God believed that it was good
These were the fourth and fifth days.

• Scene 2 – Gestion Digestion
It was necessary to put all this in order
And God created the hierarchy, the decrees,
administrations, syntheses, cultural affairs, critics, pianists, radars,
The victories of music, the official languages,
Medals, cults, renewable energies
Banks, politicians, non-places, crap, friends on facebook, pastis, armagnac…
In all urgency it was necessary to list all this
And create an animal to manage such things
It could only be an omnivorous bipedal genre, Man, an animal designated and resigned in spite of itself
And really God thought it was good!
It was the sixth day, and the Saturday evening ball…

• Scene 3 – The Saturday Evening Ball


• Scene 1 – The Apple in all its states
Lying on the divine with a thousand perfumes
God rested the next day
Dedicating this day to his zoological glory
After extracting it from a little clay,
A cute girl lost between a reptile and her husband,
Shaking the apple tree with the censored fruit
When God woke up
The compote was ready and the cider was uncorked.

• Scene 2 – The Divine Mirror
While tasting the dishes, the calva,
The Man and the woman saw that God was naked
Caught in delirium, they ran away…
Man had just created God in his image
And God saw that it was not very good
It was the seventh day.

• Scene 3 – Vénézois contre Aixueliens
Times were bleak in a family of landowners
Back on bare ground
Abandoned without concessions and without hope,
The couple gave birth to adversity
There was a temporary living, a permanent dead
Speculation was growing
Paradises suddenly became tax havens
In the Zeniths, even the gods multiplied
Yelling at the bazookas guitars
There were millions of living transients,
there were millions of eternal deaths
It was the day after that
God suddenly saddened, and in a jet of mood
Cleaned it all up with a stream of water
Purifying from the flood, the creation of its policy
For a no place of its creative policy.

• Scene 4 – The Dawn of Wine, Divine Twilight
When things finally dried up
In a final gesture of hope
The man planted the vine plant
Grapes without reason of an undisclosed sharing
He aspired to the vintage flavours of it
And returned to Estaminet in the Gascon country
where all utopias still flourish
far from God, from the drunkenness lost on the first day…

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