A web, a limb, a wire

Année de composition
45 minutes
Instrumental ensemble [5 musicians] and electronics
Flute, clarinet, alto, cello, percussions

In this new piece, I wish to operate a fusion between the analogical electronics and the acoustic instruments by working the matter by successive layers, thicknesses, like a deep cut in the heart of the sound.

This piece aims to immerse the listener in an immersive listening. Like a web woven from a single thread (a wire), I seek to create a fine and solid material at the same time, following a construction principle emanating from the wilderness, such as the surface of a leaf (a limb), the canopy of a dense forest or the top layer of an ocean.

Small sound touches, minimalist repetition effects, superimposed materials. Each instrumentalist, as well as the two electronics technicians, work to the millimeter on a score that mixes graphic writing and more classical solfeggio writing. Each one is linked to the collective by the time, master of the place, allowing a separate score to manage the multidiffusion in real time.

Loïc Guénin

Création mondiale
January 15th, 2019 | Grande salle de l’Arsenal, Cité de la musique de Metz

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