Yamaon, Le Retour

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Here is a programme with resolutely Iberian tones.

It is a plunge into the heart of ancient Mesopotamia where the prophet Yamaon, imagined by Giacinto Scelsi, ‘prophesies to the people the conquest and destruction of the city of Ur’.

Embodied by a powerful bass voice, this colourful character is exalted by striking trances. He utters oracles in Ugaritic and other languages fantasised by three Italian, Palestinian and Lebanese composers.

It is a journey to the encounter with the mythological deities Marduk and Anat, supported by C Barré, then transfigured into an ensemble with ancient sounds accompanying some sacred ritual.

Yamaon alternates between implacable tales of desolation and incantations intended to annihilate the darkness of the world of the time, curiously echoing that of today.


Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

practical information

May 14th, 2017

With the participation of Médéric Debacq [bassoon/counter bassoon], Joël Versavaud and Cédric Carceles [saxophones], Matthias Champon [trumpet], Élodie Soulard [accordion], Claudio Bettinelli [percussion], René Lagos Díaz [guitar/zither], Eva Debonne [harp], Michaël Chanu [double bass], Nicholas Isherwood [bass], and Sébastien Boin



Scelsi Giacinto | Yamaon | 11′
Scelsi Giacinto | Ko-Tha  | 6′
Odeh Tamimi Samir | Marduk  | 12′ | french creation
Moultaka Zad | Anath  | 21′

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