Quatre chants des Possibles

Participative concert
© Patrick Federi

Since 2021, the Ensemble C Barré has been developing a school orchestra in Busserine neighborhood, a few blocks away from LE ZEF.
Every week, the student-musicians are introduced to collective practice alongside the musicians of C Barré, on scores commissioned from a composer.

For the Planches Animées of LE ZEF, they will perform for the first time in a concert situation, accompanied by the student singers of Busserine school, Pythéas high school and Conservatoire de Marseille choir, to create Quatre Chants des possibles, an original composition by Thomas Keck.

In corealization with LE ZEF – scène nationale de Marseille.
With the support of Sacem, Ville de Marseille, Fondation Logirem, Politique de la Ville, Fondation Société Générale C’est vous l’avenir and Fondation Orange. 

practical information

May 31th, 2022

May 31th, 2022 – 19h
Plateau du Merlan
LE ZEF – scène nationale de Marseille




Orchestra Class of CE2B from Busserine school
Choir Classes of CM1-CM2 of the Busserine school, 6eC and choral workshop of Pythéas college, Choir of the Marseille Conservatory
Musical direction, direction and choir preparation Jean-Marc Seignobos
Composition Thomas Keck
Choir direction and preparation Anne Périssé dit Prechacq
Cello preparation Marine Rodallec
Mandolin preparation Nina Grimaud, Raphaël Gillet
Percussion preparation Mathieu Schaefer

Free admission upon reservation

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