Peephole Metaphysics

© Ryoji Iwata

Watch the Alla breve devoted to Frédéric Pattar’s Peephole Metaphysics, a programme produced by France Musique in October 2014, presented by Anne Montaron, recorded with the musicians of the Ensemble C Barré.

Marie-George Monet, mezzo-soprano
Musical director, Sébastien Boin

practical information

From December 5th to 10th, 2016

With the participation of Annelise Clément [clarinet], Joël Versavaud [saxophone], Matthias Champon [flugelhorn], Claudio Bettinelli [percussion], Élodie Soulard [accordion], Florentino Calvo [mandolin], Thomas Keck [guitar], Eva Debonne [harp], Marine Rodallec [cello] and Florentin Ginot [double bass].

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