Festival Musique sur Ciel

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As part of the 48th edition of the Musique sur Ciel festival, the Ensemble C Barré has been invited to perform several times during the week, on different programs and creations by the composer in residence Birke Bertelsmeier.


Tierkreis | July 21 | Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art | Young audience show for puppet, shadows, accordion, cello and double bass

Bach à Cordes | July 22 | Place Saint-Michel | Three solo works by Bach and Birke Bertelsmeier for trumpet, violin and accordion

Beethoven en miroir | July 22 | Eglise Saint-Crucifix | Works for plucked string trio of the Ensemble C Barré and the pianist Jonas Vitaud, guest of the Festival Musique sur Ciel

Die Puppe | July 22nd |Château-Musée du Cayla | Cine-concert on Ernst Lubitsch’s film, accompanied by a music specially conceived by the composer Martin Smolka

Meeting with Birke Bertelsmeier | July 24 | Théâtre du Colombier | Conference on the music of Birke Bertelsmeier animated by the composer


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From July 20th to 26th, 2019

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