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The plucked string trio mandolin, guitar and harp, the jewel in the crown of the Ensemble C Barré, whose grain and character are so singularly attuned to Mediterranean music, vibrates here under the pen of Spanish composers from the 16th century to the present day. Their works have in common the ardent imprint of traditional music and dance such as the fandango, which marks out our programme with its feverish rhythm, or the flamenco.

Echoing the fantasy and inventiveness of the great masters of the 16th century, a contemporary piece by the young Basque composer Mikel Urquiza, and a participative creation by François Rossé, bringing together professional musicians from the Ensemble C Barré and residents of the Plan d’Aou district, based on texts by the writer-poet Salim Hatubou.

In connection with this programme, musical creation workshops are open to adults, parents, children and family on 10, 17 and 24 September [10h30 – 12h]. 
Information and booking with Coline Meirieu: or 04 13 94 83 90

In partnership with with médiathèque Salim Hatubou and Centre social Grand Saint-Antoine. With the support of Fondation Société Générale C’est vous l’avenir, Fondation Orange and technical support of GMEM.

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October 1st, 2022 | 16h



Santiago de Murcia | Fandango | plucked string trio | 6′
Diego Ortiz | Tres Recercadas sobre Tenores | plucked string trio | 6′
Luigi Boccherini | Fandango | plucked string trio | 6′
Domenico Scarlatti | Sonate k.89 | plucked string trio | 8′
Mikel Urquiza | Elurretan | plucked string trio | 10′
François Rossé | Karthala | plucked string trio and amateur’s choir | 6′



Sébastien Boin artistic and musical direction
Natalia Korsak mandolin
Rémy Reber guitar
Eva Debonne harp
Residents of the Plan d’Aou neighborhood choir
Brigitte Fabre choir’s direction and preparation

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