More Music for Jonas

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This performance is an arrangement of a voice recording of Lithuanian-American experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas. As a basis for this music the voice-over from Mekas’ 1972 film “Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania” was used. The film tells the story of Mekas’ short return to his native village in Lithuania after 27 years of absence and narrates the memories and impressions in the author’s own voice. Beautifully rhythmical and melodious voice of the artist was transcribed into the piano playback, which was given to five musicians from the Marseillaise Ensemble C Barré to prepare their own solos and accompaniments which during the performance are coordinated by Bumšteinas‘ score. A gentle electronic sound grid is over-layed onto the final sonic result, giving the scale for the oscillations of the already 100-year-old artist’s voice. For audience, the voice-over text is projected simultaneously with the music, so that the original story could be followed and enjoyed along the musicians’ playing.


In coproduction with Camargo Foundation.

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September 18th, 2022

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