El Niño

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A phantasmagorical chamber opera based on eight of Federico García Lorca’s most important poems.

Just as one sometimes gets lost in the depths of one’s dreams, the poet, transported to the heart of his own creation, finds on stage his phantasmagorical, surrealist characters, the fruits of his own madness? In the manner of a strange initiatory ritual, they end up chasing him away. However, he returns, transfigured by his wanderings in the “land of the unliving”, to accomplish a series of tests of a mysteriously expiatory nature.

Performance for bass baritone, instrumental ensemble and electronics. In co-production with the Festival d’Île de France.

practical information

February 8th, 2019

With the participation of Jean-Manuel Candenot [Baritone], Thomas Keck [Guitar], Antoine Alerini [Piano and electronic keyboards], Claudio Bettinelli and Maxime Echardour [Percussions], Charlotte Testu [Double bass], Léo Warynsky [Musical direction], Pablo Volo [Stage direction].

June 1st, 2018

With the participation of Andreas Fischer [Baritone], Thomas Keck [Guitar, voice], Antoine Alerini [Piano/electronic keyboards, voice], Claudio Bettinelli and Maxime Echardour [Percussion], Margot Cache [Double bass], Sébastien Boin [Musical direction], Pablo Volo [Stage direction], Benedetto Sicca [Dramaturgy], Claudine Bertomeu [Set design], Olivier Brun [Lighting], Ninon Dann [Make-up].



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