De Naples à Madrid

© Francesco Baerhad

The plucked string trio mandolin, guitar and harp, the jewel in the crown of the Ensemble C Barré, whose grain and character are so singularly suited to Mediterranean music, vibrates here under the pen of Spanish and Italian composers from the 16th century to the present day. Their works share the ardent imprint of traditional music and dances such as the fandango, which marks out our programme with its feverish rhythm (S. de Murcia, L. Boccherini…), or the flamenco, whose passion reappears with petulance in composers such as Manuel De Falla or Félix Ibarrondo.

Echoing the fantasy and inventiveness of the great masters of the 16th century, Diego Ortiz and Alonso Mudarra, Mikel Urquiza, a young Basque composer with a particularly lively and playful temperament, has written his first work for C Barré and has launched a residency that will last several seasons.

practical information

September 22th, 2017

With the participation of Vincent Beer-Demander [mandolin], Thomas Keck [guitar], Eva Debonne [harp].

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