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Cosmigimmicks is the work of Unsuk Chin that inspired this program. Inspired by pantomime, a piece with a metallic and very fragile tone, we are transported into the imaginary theater of Cosmigimmicks where the plucked instruments (guitar, mandolin and harp) play the main roles, while the other instruments (prepared piano, violin, trumpet and percussion) disguise themselves to join in a game of masks and mimicry.
So much so that often all the instruments merge into one “super-instrument”. This unusual tonal character of the instrumentation also gives rise to structural, harmonic and rhythmic ideas, all linked to the notion of musical pantomime.

practical information

January 21th, 2023 | 20h



Marco Stroppa | Tangata manu, excerpt from ‘Miniature estrose’ | piano solo | 10′
Hèctor Parra Esteve | Siza – Architectural Study No. 2 | piano solo
Mikel Urquiza | Elurretan | plucked string trio | 10′
Unsuk Chin | Cosmigimmicks | for instrumental ensemble of 7 musicians | 23′




Ensemble C Barré
Sébastien Boin, artistic and musical director
Matthias Champon, trumpet
Maroussia Gentet, piano
Claudio Bettinelli, percussion
Natalia Korsak, mandolin
Rémy Reber, guitar
Eva Debonne, harp
Hélène Maréchaux, violin

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