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The Ensemble C Barré has imagined a programme of chamber music with a resolutely Iberian inspiration, around the soprano Amel Brahim Djelloul and with the complicity of four plucked string players of the ensemble. Far from elitist stereotypes, this proposal is in line with the projects and strong values of the ensemble: to share the contemporary repertoire, to demystify the so-called “learned” music. It defies time and sounds like a travel diary in which each of us is nourished by the culture of the other.

From the beginning of the 20th century, the timeless popular songs of Manuel de Falla will make their significant rhythms resound, representing an Andalusia that is itself a crossroads of encounters, mirrored by the melodies of Federico Garcia Lorca. Closer to home, Maurice Ohana, Félix Ibarrondo and Mikel Urquiza will offer a tasty glimpse of the way in which composers from the other side of the Pyrenees look at a culture which, if it has inspired far beyond its borders, has itself been nourished by cross-fertilisation and correspondence.

With the participation of Amel Brahim Djelloul (soprano), Vincent Beer-Demander (mandolin), Thomas Keck (guitar), Eva Debonne (harp) and Cyril Dupuy (cymbalum).

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July 31th, 2017
July 1st, 2017
August 31th, 2017



Garcia Lorca Federico | Chansons Populaires Espagnoles
Ibarrondo Félix | Bik bat
Ohana Maurice | Huit Chansons Populaires Espagnoles
Urquiza Mikel | Elurretan |Co-commissioned by the Ensemble C Barré, the Festival de Chaillol and the Festival Musique à la Ferme
De Falla Manuel | Sept Chansons Populaires

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