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C Barré & Co - Fête de la musique

© Photo : Pierre Gondard
Graphism : Quentin Vermeersch

On this emblematic date of 21 June, Les Concerts de Poche and the Conservatoire de Marseille are joining forces to co-produce a great evening dedicated to musical creation with the Ensemble C Barré and its local partners.

This evening will be divided into three different concerts. C Barré will present some of the most exciting works recently conceived for its 12 musicians by its composers in residence Mikel Urquiza (Spain, 1988) and Birke Bertelsmeier (Germany, 1981). He will share the stage with his faithful companions, the orchestra and choirs of the Busserine school, the master’s degree of the Marseille Conservatory, the Petits Violons des Calanques, the Ensemble Vocal d’Aix-Marseille Université and will meet for the first time the children of the École des Abeilles. All of them will join the Ensemble C Barré for the creation of new works by Thomas Keck and Mikel Urquiza specially designed for them.

An extraordinary experience where “musical creation” and “artistic demands” rhyme with “sharing” and “pleasure”.


Sébastien Boin

practical information

June 21th, 2022



Ensemble C Barré, direction Sébastien Boin
Flute, Lucie Brunet Jailly
Clarinet, Annelise Clément
Saxophone, Joël Versavaud
Trumpet, Matthias Champon
Accordion, Elodie Soulard
Percussion, Claudio Bettinelli
Piano, Antoine Alerini
Mandolin, Natalia Korsak
Guitar, Rémy Reber
Harp, Célia Perrard
Cymbalum, Cyril Dupuy
Cello, Lucie Grugier
Double bass, Charlotte Testu, Margot Cache

Orchestre à l’école de la Busserine, direction Jean-Marc Seignobos
Petits violons des Calanques, direction Camille Foray, Joël Chouquet
Maitrise du Conservatoire de Marseille, direction Anne Périssé dit Prechacq
EV’AMU, direction Philippe Franceschi
Class group of école Abeilles, direction Amine Soufari, Anne Périssé dit Prechacq




Mikel Urquiza | Cancionero sin Palacio | 2021| 15′
Birke Bertelsmeier | Diva Machina | 2020 | creation 2022 | 10′
Thomas Keck | Trois Chansons | creation 2022 | 12′
Félix Ibarrondo | Fulgural | 2013 | creation 2022 | 8′

Raul Maldonado | Canto del Sur | XXe | 18′
Thomas Keck | Quatre Chants des Possibles | 2021 | creation 2022 | 15′

György Kurtág | Szálkák | 1973 | 7’
György Kurtág | Tre Pezzi | 1996 | 6’
Pascal de L’Estocart | Octonaires de la Vanité du Monde | XVIe | 10′
Félix Ibarrondo | Un Cri répété | creation 2022 | 10′
Thomas Keck | Quatre Chants Séfarades | creation 2022 | 15′
Mikel Urquiza | Msytery Riddles | creation 2022 | 8′

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