a web a limb a wire

A web, a limb, a wire

© Vincent Beaume

A Web, a Limb, a Wire plunges the listener into an immersive listening experience, in the depths of the oceans, in those zones still unexplored by humans. From the outset, the audience is installed in a dark atmosphere where the experience begins by feeling around, with the senses wide open… A session of “cinema for the ears” that mixes electroacoustic music, various objects (like these dry maple leaves delicately crumpled!) and classical instruments (percussions, clarinet, flute, cello, viola). A mysterious landscape, and a bewitching sound piece during which we go up little by little to the surface.
An approach centered around nature, which we find in the three motifs of the web, the fiber of the skin or the leaf, and the depths of the sea that we go up, like a diver hanging on to his thread. At each stage, the light is a little brighter, the gestures of the instrumentalists more distinct, the sounds clearer. Loïc Guénin’s music unfolds a complex architecture that invites the spectator to wander or to sit, or even to lie down in the sound space. It is indeed a sensory experience, that of full listening, for a show to be heard and seen absolutely. Experimental music has never been so seductive.


practical information

December 2nd, 2021

Production Le Phare à Lucioles. Coproduction Cité Musicale de Metz and ZEF – scène nationale de Marseille. With the support of the Ministry of Culture / DRAC- PACA, of France-Relance, of the South Region, of the Department of Vaucluse, of the Community of Communes Ventoux Sud and of the Municipality of Sault. La Phare à Lucioles is supported and accompanied by the Sacem, the Spédidam and the Adami.

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