Jean-Christophe FELDHANDLER

French composer, percussionist and improviser, born in 1962

Works in the repertoire

La Nuit, c’est… (2016) | soprano, mezzo-soprano, trio of string instruments and electronics | 24′ | WP

Jean-Christophe Feldhandler studied percussion with Sylvio Gualda and composition with Carlos Roque Alsina.

Interested in the relationship between theater and music, he worked very early on with artists sharing these concerns, including composers Giorgio Battistelli and Vinko Globokar as well as directors Thierry Bédard and Marc Feld.

He collaborates with the contemporary ensembles Musique Vivante and Musique Oblique. In 1986, he founded the Hêlios Quartet with Isabelle Berteletti, Florent Haladjian and Lê Quan Ninh. Finding themselves around the same passion for the music of John Cage, they recorded the American composer’s works for percussion on the Wergo label. Within this formation, he collaborates with many composers in order to develop different languages of contemporary percussion (Kaija Saariaho, George E. Lewis, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Vinko Globokar, Georges Aperghis…) mixing “classical” instruments, new technologies and musical theater.

Beyond his interpretative work, he devotes himself to the composition of acoustic and mixed musical pieces; his repertoire now includes about twenty works.

He is an associate composer at the Césaré music creation studio in Reims. Since 2000, he has been a regular participant in creative teaching workshops, notably with the Athénor Theater – Saint-Nazaire/Nantes and in the framework of the International Theater Meetings in Corsica (l’Aria). In 2005 and 2006, he led a project of insertion through artistic practices, “Lignes”, within the Césaré studio.

Last creation to date: in May 2007 at the festival Musique action de Vandœuvre: “Woman” cello: Martine Altenburger (ensemble]h[iatus) electronic production: Lê Quan Ninh.

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