Elizaveta Zgirskaya

Russian composer born in 1994

Works in the repertoire

Beats (2021) | Instrumental ensemble | 7′

Elizaveta Zgirskaya Was born on 30 April, 1994 in Tomsk, Russia. She studied composition with Yuri Kasparov at Moscow conservatory. She is author of instrumental and experimental music, interested in interaction of music with other arts: architecture, theater, painting. This interest is concentrated in her work 701 Project. This is a project about wooden architecture of the small town Tomsk, Siberia. Elizaveta explores the possibilities of connection music and architecture in audio- and visual pieces of art. Houses in this project can be an art objects, places for performances, inspiration for the piece or for video-art. The main idea is to convey the essence of the building via music.

Participated in several competitions: The V Myaskovsky International Competition of Young Composers – III prize (Moscow, 2018), The I Myaskovsky International Competition of Young Composers “Samal” – III prize (Astana,2018), The International Composers’ Competition for Composing a Mandatory Piece to Be Performed at the Second Round of the Moscow Conservatory’s Tenth International Competition of Performers on Wind and Percussion Instruments – I prize (Moscow, 2018).

Participated in 8th International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky-city (September, 2018). Participated in the Post Playwright Practice project (Moscow, March 2019), reMusik.org festival (St. Petersburg, May 2021) Cooperation Lab (Moscow, 2021), Open Space project (Moscow, 2021)

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