Le Bureau des Guides GR 2013

Cultural association



The GR2013 Guide Bureau is an association that brings together the initiators of the GR2013 hiking trail.
By bringing together artist-walkers, collectives of inhabitants and architect-builders, it works to continue and develop the GR2013 adventure by proposing through its various projects and activities such as walking in a peri-urban environment, artistic exploration of the territory, surveying allowing for a deep and tested knowledge of the territories, but also storytelling as a possible basis for the building and planning gesture.
At the crossroads, its field of action connects three major areas:
+ contemporary artistic creation and cultural action
+ the environment and ecology
+ the development of territories (architecture, urbanism…)
The Bureau des Guides invites you to walk where you don’t usually walk: in urban and suburban areas. It offers multiple ways to walk on the GR2013 trail and in the towns it crosses to observe and meet what makes the complex existence of a territory: its contrasting landscapes, its inhabitants, their memories and their uses, the multiple histories of its geography, its flows and circulations but also its borders, visible or invisible…

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