La Frich la Belle de Mai



La Friche houses the offices of the Ensemble C Barré, as well as the GMEM where the Ensemble rehearses and records.

Born in 1992 as a prototype for what are now known as “Third Places”, new cultural and urban models, the Friche brings together in a single, reinvented space urban transformation, artistic continuity, a link to the region and active cooperation in the general interest.
La Friche la Belle de Mai, which grew out of the former Seita factory and is now a centre for creation and innovation, is both a working space for its 70 resident structures (350 artists, producers and employees who work there every day) and a venue for the arts (600 public artistic events a year, from workshops for young audiences to major festivals). With almost 450,000 visitors a year, Friche la Belle de Mai is a 45,000 m2 public space with 5 concert halls, shared gardens, a playground, a restaurant, a bookshop, a crèche, 2,400 m2 of exhibition space, an 8,000 m2 roof terrace and a training centre.

Here, art and culture are made, produced, distributed and shared. But just like in any other district, you can also stroll through the streets, stroll through the public spaces, eat or drink a coffee at the large tables, drop your child off at the crèche or take them to the playground, buy fruit and vegetables at the farmers’ market or grow your own plot in the family and community gardens…

La Friche welcomes 450,000 visitors a year to its exhibition spaces, concert halls and rooftop terraces; 400 artists have been permanent or occasional residents and it presents 600 events a year.
La Friche is also home to a number of other organisations, including GMEM – Centre national de création musicale, ISTS – CFA des métiers du spectacle, Radio Grenouille, Emmaüs Connect, Bud Skateshop and many others.

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